Enhancing Summer Reading

What if you could connect with summer readers at your library in an entirely new way? What if you could offer them a reading program with interactive digital capabilities, so they could read, play, listen, and create? And what if you had free tools to provide that program? Pretty exciting, right?.

Summer Reading Goes Digital

That’s the end goal of a new initiative from the Public Library Association (PLA) — to create a national digital summer reading (NDSR) website application available to all libraries in the U.S. through the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).

The proposed shareable website will make it simple for public libraries to energize their existing programs with dynamic qualities and start interacting with their young patrons like never before.

But first, we have to make a plan!

Steps to get there

With the assistance of a planning grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and an advisory board made up of representatives from seven organizations, PLA and Influx are:

  1. Researching current summer reading programs
  2. Creating a searchable national map of summer reading programs for both patrons and library staff to use
  3. Writing a white paper detailing recommendations, specifications, use cases, and more for a summer reading website application. The white paper is now available online for your feedback.

Your input

We value the knowledge and experience of library and reading professionals throughout the U.S and conducted a survey to capture input from the field. The survey is currently closed.

For more information please contact Aaron Schmidt at aaron@weareinflux.com.